On Demand Fashion: The Drop by Amazon

If you’re like me you do the majority of your shopping online. For one it’s convenient. I can shop from my phone while waiting for the bus, shop while my son is napping, and shop in my pajamas while avoiding the crowds! Another perk is that you avoid the crowds. It’s also more efficient. I can easily filter my search to locate what I want, I can read reviews, and I don’t have to do math prior to checking out therefore avoiding the shock at the register and then have to embarrassingly put items back. Big deal, right?! We can talk about self control later. But, if you’re also like me you shop at Amazon for everything from A to Z. However, there’s always an exception. I have no problem buying diapers through Amazon but when it comes to fashion I’m usually browsing other sites. Sure, you can find trendy clothing and dupes from for a really, really, really good price. Fast fashion is just not my forte.

That said, you can’t ignore that Amazon is the #1 online retailer in the world and Amazon Fashion brings in a huge chunk of revenue. What I admire about Amazon is it’s ability to adapt to social trends as well as innovate and develop new ways to acquire new customers. Amazon recently launched it’s new shopping platform, The Drop, early this year and I can now say I am a consumer of Amazon Fashion. Who would have thought?!

So, what is The Drop? The Drop is an exclusive, limited-edition capsule collection designed by select social media influencers from all over the world. Amazon highlights that The Drop is inspired by global style allowing the consumer to see what’s trending in that particular influencer’s side of the world. Influencers who have debuted their capsules include Paola Alberdi, Sierra Furtado, and Patricia Bright. Upcoming designers include Emi Suzuki and Charlotte Groeneveld. All of which have over 1 million followers each. More and more, brands are seeing the large value in collaborating with influencers. Working with them not only brings their followers along but also creates demand for exclusive pieces. The Drop is also a 180 turn from Amazon’s fast fashion production. As an effort to be more environmentally conscious The Drop brings ‘on demand’ fashion meaning the clothing is not made until purchased. This reduces waste since they’re only making as much as sold so there is less excess. Plus, you’ll feel great knowing your piece was specifically made for you! The Drop also offers a line of basics that are available to shop anytime called ‘Staples by The Drop.’ These pieces can be mixed and matched with pieces from the current collection to create head-to-toe looks. Items average around $30 with a range from $20-$100.

Here’s how The Drop works. Collections are expected to launch every few weeks. Once the collection drops you have only 30 hours to shop it until it disappears FOREVER! Though pieces may become unavailable earlier if there is a larger demand than fabric available. All this makes me want to buy now and buy a lot. The FOMO is so real! You have to maker sure you stay ahead of the game. The best way to keep up to date on when a collection drops is to sign up for text notifications. You can sign up here! Or follow @amazonthedrop on Instagram for the latest news. However, there’s no need to panic, you have 30 days to return an item. This gives you piece of mind when buying because you don’t want to be stuck with something that doesn’t work for you. After the collection ends it takes about 10 days for your items to be made and shipped. Items from Staples by The Drop qualify for free 2-day shipping if you have an Amazon Prime account. Otherwise, you have to spend at least $25 to qualify for free shipping.

The first collection to debut on The Drop was from influencer Paola Alberdi of Blank Itinerary. She is one of my favorite influencers that I follow. I love her impeccable style and the way she mixes luxe pieces with more affordable things. She’s also a fellow mom. When she first announced her collaboration with Amazon on her Instagram about a month before it went live I was really stoked! It’s great to see other influencers reaching that level of recognition and getting to design their own collections. Leading up to the drop she would put out teasers of her collection and I wanted everything!

The Rx

I ended up purchasing this long button down shirt. You can call it a maxi top if you like. I like this shirt because it’s so unique but also very versatile. I haven’t seen anything like it! It moves like a dress, being over sized and the material is light and flowy. Other details to note are the high-low hem, front ties, and the front buttons. Beige is a pretty neutral color that pairs well with almost anything. The buttons can be unbuttoned to open the neckline however deep you want. You can also tuck in the front of the shirt or leave it out to to play with the length. I also like the option of leaving the shirt unbuttoned because then it becomes a jacket/duster too. For this look I wanted to keep it simple as well as show the versatility of this shirt. I wore a white bodysuit with high-wasted jeans. I wanted a top that was form-fitting to contrast the loose fit of the shirt. With bodysuits you don’t have to worry about your top riding up and it’s just smooth throughout. This bodysuit can be worn with shorts, a midi skirt, or jeans. I chose fitted jeans to balance out the flowy top. Then wore a neutral heel to match the top.

Now go see what The Drop is all about!

xo, Jenn

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