Cool Girl Chic in a Trench Vest

Hello Summer, it’s getting hot in here! It’s official, time to bring out the swimsuits and shorts. The less clothes, the better, right?! I don’t know about you but anything over 70 degrees makes me melt. Add a couple of points of humidity and it’s game over, I’m a puddle on the floor! I hate being sweaty when I’m wearing anything other than active wear. DISCLAIMER: I wasn’t always this wimpy. I spent my whole life up until I graduated high school living in Hawaii. I left to attend college in Idaho and am now living in Seattle so I am no longer acclimated to the heat and humidity. It’s always nice to go back and visit but I’m still a little baby!

While it would be awesome to live in my swimsuit all day, life still calls for dressing up. Sorry, shirts and shoes required. Though, there are ways to dress up your swimsuit if you so desire. But, if your swimsuits are more casual than couture, I suggest swapping out the lycra and putting together a cute outfit. Dressing up in the summer takes a little bit more thought because summer staples like shorts and flowy dresses can sometimes look too casual. Which brings us to our big dilemma…

How do you dress up and still look chic in the summer while also staying cool?

I was wondering the same so I have come up with 3 tips to staying cool but looking chic in the summer! Follow these guidelines when dressing up for that summer time soiree. You’ll not only stand out in the sea of shorts and tanks but you’ll stay cool and dry when the heat turns up. Keep reading for more details.


Linen is the fabric of summer. Made from the fibers of the flax plant, it is very strong. It is also more absorbent and dries a lot faster than cotton. It’s ability to wick away moisture makes it great for absorbing that summer glow of yours. You’ll also stay cool and dry when it gets hot and humid since linen is a good conductor of heat. Linen is also considered a luxe material for these reasons so you’ll definitely look chic and feel like a million bucks!


Wait, that’s crazy! Isn’t that backwards to put on more clothes when it’s hot out? On the contrary, when done right layering elevates a look no matter what time of year. During the summer you’ll want to focus on lighter and more breathable materials (like linen, see tip #1). When layering with textures you’ll want to layer the thicker pieces over the thinner or layer a solid piece under a more sheer piece, like a bralette under your sheer tank. You can also layer on a long vest over your outfit. Vest are a good way to go sleeveless, especially in the summer.


Neutrals are my go to for putting together a classy outfit. They’re considered more professional and elegant, especially in the work setting. Neutrals get their name for being “without color,” meaning they’re colors that blend in or are muted. Muted tones are subtle and are just pleasing to the eye. It’s the opposite of bold saturated colors which scream, “look at me!” Though there’s nothing wrong with a little color. Colors that fall in the neutral category are your whites, beige, black, and gray. White is a given in summer as well as beige and nudes since they are the brightest of the bunch. But, any neutral palette will do. Mix them up or go for a monochromatic look!

Now that you have the rundown let’s talk about this linen trench vest! This fancy garment checks off all the boxes for achieving that cool chic look this summer. This vest takes on the shape of a trench coat, long in length with notched lapels. It is made out of 100% linen and comes in the prettiest neutral tone. It is also a very versatile piece in that you can wear it open like a vest or close and belt it up to wear it as a dress. The lack of sleeves keeps you cool as well as allows you to show off any layer underneath. This is a timeless piece that will be one of my closest staples!

The Rx

I started with these pair of white linen high-waist pants. I love the feeling of wide leg pants and they’re so on trend at the moment. The wide leg is flowy and gives the illusion of wearing a flowy skirt. The button front details add to the summery vibe. This checks off all the boxes as well! To contrast with the white pants I went with a black short sleeve shirt. This shirt is light and stretchy! My favorite part about this shirt are the rhinestone shoulder patches. It adds a touch of glam to the outfit. Now for the layer, which is the icing on top! I can’t express how much in love with linen I am. It’s the perfect weight, the vest allows for some movement but it’s not too thin where it flies away like a cape. This is such a luxe find! I wanted to stick with the black contrast so I chose black heels and a black bag. This bag is a unique take on the macrame bag. Typically you’ll see macrame in white and tan colors. I think the black elevates the macrame bag from just beach walks to elegant date night status!

Outfit details – Vest: Theory // Top: Alice & Olivia // Pants: Anthropologie // Shoes: Nine West // Bag: Danielle Nicole for Box of Style

Shop it here

Stay cool. Happy Layering!

xo, Jenn

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