Colorblocking with the Levi’s 501 Denim Jean

Until very recently I had always preferred leggings and pants over denim jeans. To me jeans were restrictive and uncomfortable. I hated the tightness and the way my stomach hung over the waistband, ugh! But, I think the reason was because I never did take the time to find the right type of jean for my body! Well fast forward to the present and I’ve given denim another chance. A good pair of denim just feels damn good on! I look back and think, “what was I thinking?!”

The blue jean was originally invented as a durable workwear garment. So, you can see the association with jeans being something you get dirty in, not a way to be fashionable. But, over time jeans have evolved into a timeless trend and are both utilitarian and fashionable. Jeans are also classic in their cut and wash but also trendy (hello recycled trends: bell-bottoms and mom jeans!). Levi’s is an iconic American clothing brand most well-known for it’s denim jeans. I am a huge fan of their wedgie and 501 fit but an even bigger fan of their price points! Talk about great denim for less than $120!

These Levi’s 501 cropped tapered jeans look great on and also feel good. They’re a skinny fit, something I usually stay away from because my legs are muscular, but they’re also stretchy so they show off my leg shape rather than constrict them. What really sold me on these jeans is the colorblock detail. I’m always in the mood for unique and trendy pieces I can add to my closet. One trend I’ve been wanting to try is the colorblock trend. What is colorblocking you ask? At it’s basic form colorblocking is when you take multiple solid colors and mix them together to form an outfit. There really aren’t any rules so it’s definitely worth a try because you’ll most likely nail it!

I have put together some guidelines on how to colorblock so you can try out this trend in your own way. Keep in mind there are different ways to achieve it. One way is to take contrasting colors and pair them together. Take a look at the color wheel and pick a color then look at the color directly opposite of it and that’s your second color. Choose one for your top and the other for the bottom. Easy, right? Another way is to choose colors next to each other on the color wheel. An example would be the colors red, orange, and pink. So pair red pants + rose pink top + fuchsia jacket + orange shoes. Next, a more conservative way to start would be to choose one color and mix different shades of that color within your outfit for a monochromatic look. Below is a nice color wheel for help:

The Rx

I decided for the in between and take colors in the same color family and mix them up. These jeans feature blue and white blocking. To coordinate within the blue color family I paired a baby blue sweater on top. When I saw this sweater on the hanger I immediately fell for it. The color was so pretty and something I’ve rarely seen. It is incredibly soft and has some stretch to it. The puff sleeves are a cute little touch as well. To match the white block of the jeans I went with white accessories to match. The beauty of these jeans is that you can dress them up or down. Dress them up by throwing on some heels like I did or dress them down with some white sneakers. You can wear them from morning to night!

Shop the look here

Have you tried the colorblocking trend?

xo, Jenn

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