Boys can be fashionable too: My favorite clothing brands for baby & toddler boys

I am a boy mom and will forever be one. It is final! After 3 boys hubs and I have said enough is enough and our family is complete. I know everyone was rooting for a girl (on hubs’ side there are 10 boys and 0 girls) but sad to say the Y chromosome is just too prevalent. It’s a reality that I have come to terms with. No mama and mini matching boho dresses or cute jumpsuits to rock. But, there’s cute clothes for boys too, you just have to look hard. I can honestly remember being pregnant with Diedric and obsessing over his future wardrobe determined to curate stylish pieces that would parallel mine. Over the years I have grown to love certain brands and they’ve become my go-to for whenever my boys’ closets need updating. It’s true that when you find something you love, you always come back to it. So, here are my fave brands that I keep coming back to and the pieces that made me fall in love with them.

Ford & Wyatt

This mama-owned clothing brand makes mama and mini t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts with simple phrases like “bubby”, “bubs”, and “sissy”. Their clothing is all hand-made made here in the USA (Los Angeles) and they use cotton sourced in the USA that feels so buttery soft. I first became attracted to this company for their Mama collection. The mission of this company is to empower women by encouraging and representing them throughout motherhood as moms are “raising tomorrow”. I have their “raising boys” sweatshirt and “raising legends” tee. I can’t explain it but wearing it gives me the feeling of being heard and a sense of pride that I’m in charge of raising good humans for the future.

Their kids collection compliments their mama collection so I can still get my mama + mini fix as well. But, the simple sweatshirt is perfect for my boys because it simply says “bubby” in plain black font. It’s a super chic choice that pairs with pretty much anything else they own. They have tees as well that are made with the same great quality and simple design. The phrases they choose are very endearing and somewhat cooler than say, “sister” or “brother”. It makes me want to own each and every one of their designs. I mean how can you not want your child to wear a shirt that says, “mama’s my girl” or “love my mama”?!

Sweatshirts: Ford & Wyatt

Little Bipsy

This is another mama-owned company and locally-owned too (shop is located in Edmonds, WA). Little Bipsy is a fairly new company that was launched in 2017. They stock everything from tees, jackets & hoodies, denim, shorts to shoes and even some mama + mini matching loungewear. Everything needed to create a stylish wardrobe for the modern babe. Little Bipsy is my usual go-to for any basics for the boys. The reason being is that their clothes just fit well! When clothes fit just right the wearer always looks more put together. It also gives that your clothes were made just for you kind of feeling.

Their basic collection has the softest tees made with the perfect combo of cotton and spandex. You get the soft comfort with the right amount of stretch for easy donning and doffing. The shirts are lightweight for layering in the colder months as well so you can wear them pretty much all year round. My most favorite item from Little Bipsy is the harem short. If there was such thing as the perfect short this would be it! Why? Let me explain! The harem style has a slightly dropped crotch which is more relaxed compared to regular shorts. It is the right amount of fitted to look stylish while remaining loose for comfort and all that running and jumping boys do. My boys look so cool and dare I say chic in these. Additionally, it’s made up of that cotton/spandex blend (comfortable to wear and good for play) and if we talk details, the rolled leg cuffs and pockets just add even more cuteness to the mix. They come in so many colors, neutrals and other seasonal colors like sunset and plum, too.

Shorts & Shirt: Little Bipsy

Miles Baby

Miles Baby is a baby clothing brand originating from Montreal, Canada. They make cute play wear with a modern French twist for both boys and girls. Besides the great quality in material I especially love their playful prints and cool colors of their designs. The designs are gender neutral which transcend throughout all their pieces. For example, the same print can be applied to a dress or pair of shorts. This can be helpful when dressing boy/girl siblings when trying to match with coordinating outfits.

I often look to Miles Baby for rompers and one-pieces. I have a few tees as well. But kids, especially babies, look extremely adorable in one-pieces so if we’re taking family photos I’ll dress the boys in rompers or overalls. For Diedric’s first birthday photos I dressed him in these brown cotton overalls with dotted squares and paired it with a white long sleeve. The dots give the design a whimsical touch for added cuteness. For the twins’ first birthday photos I matched them in these navy blue striped sleeveless rompers. If you look closely you can see that the stripes are made up of tiny little arrows. It’s these subtle things that make their designs uniquely adorable which I love!

Overal & Romper: Miles Baby // ‘ONE’ crowns: Etsy

Peek Kids

Peek Kids designs clothes for the curious little ones. Their clothes are fun to wear with their bright colors and funky designs. They also make play time comfortable in fabrics that are 100% cotton. The boys have a variety of clothing from Peeks and it’s so easy to mix and match to create cool and fun outfits. I’m especially fond of their coordinating sets and their signature happy pant. If you don’t know, the happy pant is their version of the harem pant. It has an elastic waistband and drop crotch for a relaxed fit. They look so cute on! They sell the happy pant as a set with a coordinating top so it takes the guesswork of having to do it yourself. Sometimes it’s a good thing to not have everything match.

Sweater + Pant Set: Peek Kids

Zara Kids

Zara is always a good place to find trendy kids clothes for a low price. That’s good news for your wallet since kids grow out of their clothes super fast! You never know when that growth spurt is coming but you’ll get a lot of wears out of these for sure. With many options to choose from it’s easy to come up with outfits that will make you’re kiddo look like the cool kid. Zara divides it’s kids line into Minis (0-36 months), Baby Boy/Girl (3-5 years), and Boys/Girls (6-14 years). They also have a line of basics too.

My favorite things from Zara are their graphic tees, pullovers, and their joggers. They make cute pants and shorts for littles in various materials and fabrics like corduroy and linen.

Pullover & Joggers: Zara Kids

It is true that you need to enjoy these moments when they are young. In a couple of years they’ll be dressing themselves and picking out their own clothes! I’ll always be there to offer some fashion advice and try to sneak in my two cents when I can 😉

xoxo, Jenn

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