My Trick to Spicing Up Your Handbag

Accessories are a huge part of any wardrobe. They have great potential to elevate an outfit and are just fun to play with. Your closet is probably teeming with jewelry, hats, scarves, and sunglasses! You probably have a nice collection of handbags as well. Handbags are so essential because they’re not just fashionable but also functional. They hold everything for us! Which is why we never leave home without it! We love our handbags and treat them with all the love in the world, some of us even name them. But, they’re not perfect, unless their name is Birkin. Handbags over time can lose their initial pizazz or we ourselves become bored. This relationship went from ‘love at first sight’ to ‘it’s complicated’! So instead of saying ‘bye-bye’ and calling it quits you just got to spice up your handbag!

A few tried and true ways have surfaced over the years like accessorizing your bag. You can add cute bag charms or tie a scarf on the handle. It’s a good way to maximize and get more use out of all your accessories. I’m all about recycling and re-purposing! One trend that I’ve always seen but have yet to try is the bag strap. Bag straps have been around for a few seasons but my hesitation for not diving in was always the price. I could not justify spending upwards of $100 on one. I typically don’t spend more than $500 on a handbag. My handbags average within the $200-$300 range so spending the same amount of cash on a strap just didn’t make sense. But, I’ve always admired from a far how gorgeous and detailed these bag straps are.

Source: Getty Images

It’s no secret that bag straps are a fun way to change up your handbag. You can pick one according to your mood at the moment or have it coordinate with your outfit. You can even use it as your source of color or pattern to make your outfit pop. As the trend has become more popular we are seeing more affordable options out there. Which is why I am so stoked to be finally taking part! Instead of luxe, rich leather and embellishments we’re seeing colorful fabrics, prints, and textures like boho fringe. The best part is that these would look good on a designer bag as well as your more affordable functional bag!

I recently switched out my bag handle for this cloth bag strap. This bag strap is thicker in width than the original bag strap and I am loving the look. It definitely is more noticeable when worn and makes a statement. The blue fringe had me at hello. If you also look closely you’ll also see a little sparkle in the threading. I’m a little bohemian at heart so I love adding bohemian touches to my looks. Here, I have given my sophisticated Kate Spade bag some bohemian spirit! Best of all, this cost less than $50.

Bag: Kate Spade // Bag Strap: Anthropologie // Rings: Free People. Shop the look here.

Here are some bag straps I am currently crushing on. Shop them here.

When you’re bored with leather switch it up with Resin. Bag Strap: Anthropologie

If you don’t want to go bold just yet go for a braided strap. Bag Strap: Madewell

Go for hip and casual with a canvas strap with an edgy design. Bag Strap: Marc Jacobs

Wavy edges plus snake print make this strap so unique and ultra chic. Bag Strap: Coach

Studs are a sure way to give your bag some extra edge. Bag Strap: Rebecca Minkoff

Now that your relationship with your handbag has new life, grab a bag strap and take your bag out! Which strap is your favorite? Comment below!

xo, Jenn

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