When Leopard Print Meets Camo

When it comes to animal print, leopard is king. Just something about the subtle spots against a cream-yellow background looks oh so right. Just like the leopard blends in within the jungle, wearing leopard print is easy on the eyes. Compared to other animal prints, like the stripes on a zebra which are meant to confuse predators, leopard print just makes sense. It’s no surprise leopard print also passes for a neutral color and has been dubbed ‘the new neutral’ for quite some time now. It’s a base you can build from and pair it with numerous things in your closet. Leopard print is the new modern chic!

Get excited because leopard print is one of fall’s hottest trends. Even though fall is not officially here, you’ve probably seen a ton of leopard being advertised in preparation for the upcoming season. The print is on everything from jackets and coats to shoes and bags. My favorite is the silk midi skirt. Who have you NOT seen it on yet?! Though I for one have yet to incorporate the leopard midi into my wardrobe because frankly, it’s just not my style. Nonetheless, I am a fan of the print.

On the opposite end it is quite overwhelming seeing leopard EVERYWHERE! I am quite impressed at the fact this trend has been able to transcend different styles and appear on everyone. Usually a trend is loved by a select few and hated by the rest (ie, bike shorts, puff sleeves, dad sneakers). Not all trends tend to work for all body types, ages, etc. but leopard print seems to work for all! That said, the streets are saturated with leopard print and it kind of makes me dizzy. With everyone in on this trend you can’t help but feel just like the next person. Therefore, I found a different take on the leopard print trend that allows you to wear leopard print but not the same leopard print.

Behold! The leopard print in camo. This combo elevates the basic leopard print into something more edgy. Camo at it’s core is similar to leopard, it’s intent is to blend in and be subtle. Though in the fashion world camo is bold and gives off an edgy vibe. Mixing up the two produces such a chic statement with some edge! When I saw this Camo Leopard Cargo Jacket my eyes were immediately drawn to it. It’s such a unique twist!

The Rx

I decided to go for a military inspired look to play up the camo. The cargo jacket also reminds me of what soldiers wear. The jacket has a loose and boxy look so I went with a pair of high-waist relaxed jeans. I like a little bit of distressing in my jeans to add more edginess to the look. To contrast the loose fit of the jacket, I wanted something more form-fitting on top. With high-waist jeans I like to pair a simple bodysuit under. The lining of the jacket is black so the white top stands out more. Then to finish off the look I threw on a pair of white lace up combat boots. Sticking with the animal theme I felt it would be fun to wear this bag with owl eyes. An interesting piece about this bag is that the flaps are interchangeable. The original flap is a plain black leather flap. Kate Spade has many other flap options to coordinate with your mood 🙂

Shop the look here

Happy hunting for your own take on the leopard print!

xo, Jenn

One thought on “When Leopard Print Meets Camo

  1. I have to confess, traditional leopard has never been my thing, but I’m loving all the new color combos! This jacket is fabulous!! Xo Nipa @fashionipa.


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