My Travel Hack: Buying a Souvenir for My Closet

I’ve done a number of traveling in my day. I’m one that loves to seek out adventure and witness the beauty and culture of the world. Traveling provides that outlet for me. It wasn’t until I was in college that I got a passport after my mom planned a family trip to visit my brother who was stationed in Beijing, China. We did mainly touristy stuff, like see the Great Wall, but after that I was hooked! I then did a big solo trip Down Under, which was an amazing experience. My husband is quite the International traveler, he often boasts of his completely filled passport with stamps in places where stamps technically aren’t supposed to go. We took numerous trips domestically and Internationally prior to settling down and having Diedric, which if you have the means I highly recommend! While you can still travel with kids, it’s a different type of traveling. Like I mentioned before, I love adventure. Our trips would consist of hiking and summiting peaks. Now we don’t mind just relaxing on the beach or lounging by the pool.

When traveling you always want to preserve the memories you make. Often times we bring home souvenirs for ourselves or family and friends. The options are limitless, from key chains and magnets to food items and sculptures. When we take big trips, Hubs and I always try to bring home something unique from each country that we can display on our bookshelf or wall shelf. While little knickknacks are good for friends and family because they’re small and cheap, I personally feel we could incorporate more function into our souvenir buying. We may in that moment think something is so cute or cool only to come home with it and never look at it again. Therefore, that item just ends up taking space or storage and is just there for sentimental value. In an effort to be more conscious with spending and create less waste I have turned to this approach. Which is why I am sharing my thoughts on buying travel souvenirs for your closet!

So what do I mean when I say ‘travel souvenir for my closet’? Examples might be a piece of jewelry or an item of clothing. When buying a souvenir you want to try to incorporate into your life. That way it has a purpose or function other than to sit there and look pretty. Jewelry is a good souvenir because it’s small and easy to transport. You also can find good quality at different price points. Keep in mind that it’s OK for that piece to not “match” with the place you are visiting. You don’t have to buy that puka shell necklace because you’re in Hawaii (though now that they’re trending maybe you should, LOL). Find something that you love and will wear for years to come. A souvenir is meant to be a reminder so as long as it means something to you that’s all that matters. One of my favorite souvenirs that I love wearing to this day is a choker I bought at a local jewelry boutique in Hong Kong. It was a crescent moon pendant on a black suede rope. Very bohemian like me but not typically something you’d go to Hong Kong for. When I wear it I think about that fun week in Hong Kong shopping with my mom. I also get questions about it from others. Wearing your souvenir out and about also gives you an opportunity to share your experiences with others who don’t visit your home where your other souvenirs are on display. After noticing you wearing such a unique thing they’ll probably ask where you got it from and from that spurs great conversation. Another awesome aspect of traveling is that you can buy pieces abroad that are exclusive to that area. You’ll get to show off something no one else in your city has!

On my recent trip to Hawaii I would walk around and browse the various shops to seek out a souvenir or two for my closet. Hawaii is a shopper’s paradise! I like shopping at local boutiques while on vacation since I could shop the big brand stores online and in store at home, plus it feels nice to support small businesses. I purchased this jumpsuit and necklace at a local boutique near my parent’s house. What caught my eye was the rainbow striped print! The print reminds me of Hawaii and it’s abundance of rainbows so it’s an extra bonus to have that connection. This print is also subtle enough that I could wear it around in Seattle. At the same boutique I also found a rainbow beaded necklace. I like how the beads are separated on the gold chain because it looks less teeny bopper. The little charms and tassel in the middle also add a cute touch.

The Rx

This jumpsuit is so perfect for the final days of summer. Too bad the weather in Seattle isn’t 80 degrees year round like Hawaii! Though maybe with an added layer, like a denim jacket, you could wear this jumpsuit into fall. I love the smocked bodice and the wide legs that are cropped. It even comes with a matching belt too. Combined, the jumpsuit and necklace make a good team. Each complements the other with their own variation of the rainbow. Summer is also time to bust out the open toe shoes! I chose to wear these neutral strappy platform sandals. To top it off I went with a classic black bag. This bag is actually convertible! It can be worn as a backpack, top handle, or shoulder bag. The straps are adjustable and interchangeable just with a click. It’s like 3 bags in 1!

The next time you travel I hope that you consider bringing home a souvenir for your closet!

xo, Jenn

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