Dressing Up Your Basic Tee

I love a basic tee. They’re so comfortable and are easy to just throw on over a pair of jeans or sweats. You can even wear your significant other’s tee and still look chic. One thing that I definitely have no shortage of is a basic white tee. You name it, I probably have it. It ranges from v-neck to scoop neck, cotton to satin. All are perfect for layering and mixing. But, sometimes I feel the need to change it up and go one step above basic. Prints are a fun way to spice up a tee. A cool way is with a fun slogan or cute, whimsical characters.

This tee is just as soft and comfy as a regular basic white tee but adds a cool twist. When I saw this print I immediately had to have this shirt! It is the cutest thing ever. If you look closely you can see a collection of dog breeds throughout the shirt. The artwork is extremely well done, almost sketch-like, which gives the dogs whimsical look. Who knew dogs could look so chic! I especially love how the black and white colors come together. As a dog lover you can’t help but smile when putting this on. Another thing that I love about this shirt is that the print is subtle enough that it catches your eye but not so loud that it you’re just eyeing one spot. It’s a good conversation starter too. Someone is bound to do a double take and realize they’re dogs and then try to search for their favorite breed! My 18-month old son already points to one of the dogs and yells, “Gus!” which is his uncle’s dog that looks similar. It’s really cute and makes my heart melt every time!

So now you know one way to take the basic tee up a notch up. What about another notch?! T-shirts are the ultimate casual staple but did you know you could dress them up as well? Instead of pairing them with jeans try it with a luxe skirt. By luxe I mean a skirt made out of material that feels luxurious or looks expensive. Think of a silk blend or chiffon. This way you can go from running errands in jeans to date night just by changing into a skirt. Plus, this shirt is perfect for dressing up because it already stands out with it’s adorable print.

The Rx

I wanted to stick with the black and white theme so I chose a white skirt to complement this tee. This Ganni skirt is made of a silk-like material, hooray for luxury at a fraction of the cost! The midi length has been on trend for a while now. It’s the perfect medium between a mini and maxi skirt, not too short or too long, and is appropriate for any occasion. I’m very into the high slit which shows off some leg, so perfect for date night! But, if you’re at the office or meeting the parents for the first time, you can minimize the slit or forgo it all together. Now, let’s talk about accessories. This tee has a relaxed fit and the skirt is loose as well so I wrapped a black belt around my waist to give myself more shape. Another option you have is tucking in the shirt into the skirt. This works too in bringing it in closer to your body. One accessory that I am loving at the moment is scarves! Scarves are so versatile and go beyond just being a neck accessory. For example, you can tie it around your purse handle or weave it into your ponytail. Here, I used a silk handkerchief scarf and wrapped it a couple of times around my wrist as a bracelet. How cute its that?! Then, I added a simple black clutch and black booties to round out the black theme. This clutch is super cute with it’s envelope look and gold button snaps. It is the perfect size for carrying just the essentials!

T-shirt: Anthropologie / Skirt: Ganni (almost sold out so similar here) / Shoes: old from Steve Madden (similar here and here) / Belt: B-low the belt, Box of style exclusive / Clutch: Tribe Alive, Box of Style exclusive / Scarf: Chan Luu, Box of Style exclusive

How are you dressing up your basic tee? Comment below!

xo, Jenn

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