My Sweater Dilemma: Party in the front or back?

Hooray for spring! The days are getting longer and warmer which means we are heating up and beginning to transition from chunkier knits to lighter layers. While the sun may grace us with its presence even more, the weather is still relatively cool so don’t be so quick to ditch your sleeves! I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest so sweater weather lasts for about 9 out of the 12 months. It’s ok, the summer months make up for the grey skies during this gestation time. My closet is full of sweaters so I’m always prepared to dress according to the weather. I tell myself that I can’t have too many sweaters! Though I may say that to every piece of clothing I own, oops!

But, ever since I started blogging, I have become more conscious of what I buy. I realize that I end up with multiple sweaters of the same style, texture, and color when I choose to buy whatever I like. That’s why I am trying to be a lot more selective when shopping. If you’ve been following along from the beginning you already know that I’m obsessed with pieces that are versatile (see my post on the reversible jacket). I can appreciate the extra time and effort it took to visualize and create a piece like that which, to me, makes it more special. I also get excited knowing that I can easily style one item more than one way and create multiple outfits!

Sweaters are so soft and cozy & they make you feel all the good warm fuzzies inside.

So getting back to the topic of sweaters…

As I mentioned before, spring is time for lighter layers so you want to stock up on thinner knits that you can layer over a tank or under a jacket. The weather can be quite unpredictable so it’s good to have layers. One moment you think summer is around the corner then the next it’s back to April showers. This sweater is super soft and ultra lightweight. The neutral color is great for coordinating with various prints and colors. It is loose-fitting throughout even in the sleeves for a relaxed fit. I love the fit because it’s in between fitted and over-sized. I’m a little self-conscious when wearing form-fitting clothing and while I can appreciate the casualness and roominess of an over-sized sweater, I prefer to show some shape when dressing up. What caught my eye was the twist. It is strategically placed allowing you to wear it in the front or the back. To coordinate it with your mood wear it in the front if feeling flirty or wear it in the back if feeling sweet! Also, a plus for nursing moms is that it allows easy access for pumping or breastfeeding. Pair your high waist jeans with the twist in the front and now you’re looking fab with baby (or pump) in tow!

Here’s the twist in the front…

And now the twist in the back…

The Rx

I did have a big dilemma when putting together this look! Deciding whether to wear the twist in the front or the back was hard because either way would be extremely cute but each were so different. Luckily, I was able to show you both! For this look I paired the sweater with these wide leg floral pants. It’s not spring without florals so bust out those bloom prints! These pants almost give an illusion of wearing a skirt because the wide leg flow so gracefully. They are also incredibly cute being a little transparent showing the outline of your legs when the lighting is perfect. So comfy and cute, just perfect! With this sweater there are endless outfit possibilities just with interchanging bralettes or wearing just a regular bra. I chose to wear this high-neck bralette for a little more coverage and wanted to show off the embroidered details. But, you could also wear this bralette underneath for a little peek of lace. With the twist in the back it’s a little more conservative with a little surprise in the back. This leaves the front open and allows you to highlight a few necklaces you can layer on top. Though, if I did have to choose I think I would wear the twist in the front so I could show off the bralette and be more daring! The ‘D’ in this initial necklace I am wearing stands for Diedric, my son. I love the mixture of gold and silver and the longer length chain. It’s a cool way to make a statement!

Sweater: Nordstom (selling out fast so similar here) / Braletter: old from Free People (similar here) / Floral Wide Leg Pants: old from Anthropologie (similar here) / Necklace: old from Nordstrom / Heels: Stuart Wietzman

So tell me which way you would wear this sweater. Comment below!

xo, Jenn

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