Get Wild, Go Animal Style

Welcome to the jungle! It seems as though life is like living in a zoo sometimes. Often my child is running around like a wild monkey or I’m rushing to grab a bite to eat and need to inhale it on the way to work in my car like a rabid cheetah who hasn’t eaten in days. While it may not sound attractive living life like a wild animal, dressing like one can be pretty rad.

We’ve been dressing like animals since the age of the dinosaurs (literally, google ‘caveman fashion’) so it’s only fitting that at present times we are still crazy about animal print. Animal prints come in many forms, typically in the shape of spots or stripes. Popular animals we like to mimic include the giraffe, leopard, cheetah, zebra, and tiger. I personally have a love for zebras and am excited to have seen zebra print on the spring runways! Leopard print is also a fan fave and you may have even heard that leopard is the new neutral. But, one animal print that I am pleasantly surprised to see trending is snake print!

Snake skin is ornately patterned and is vibrant with color. The pattern is a little busy but it is definitely eye-catching with all the lines and twists throughout. You can’t help but attract attention. Evolution was on to something! Naturally, the skin colors vary from snake to snake so it is easier to pull off say an orange snakeskin print than it would be an orange leopard print. I was excited to take a stab at this trend after seeing so many other bloggers wearing their snake skin boots. Not wanting to congest the internet with more ways to style snake skin boots, I wanted to find something snake print that would also make you go “wow”! So here it is, I have the prefect spring dress for you.

This dress is great for almost any occasion. You can wear it out and about to brunch, a cocktail party, a wedding, date night, etc. I’ve even worn this dress to a family’s 50th wedding anniversary celebration! The material is light, chiffon-like, and flows well and the pink hues give this snake print a little feminine touch. It’s so romantic! The buttons down the front add a cute touch as well and it has a cinched waist for a more flattering shape. Plus, the midi length is great for showing off those cute shoes! But, what will really turn heads is the partially sheer skirt with the oh-so-sexy slit (my favorite thing about this dress!).

The RX

There is so much versatility here and depending on the occasion or your mood you can determine how sexy you want to be. Here I chose to show less leg and wore these over-the-knee boots. On the other hand, if I were doing date night with hubs then I would opt for some high heels and show a lot more leg! I also added a belt at the waist to accentuate my waist even more. I thought it would be fun to mix snake prints and this belt adds a pop of gold color.

Dress: Nordstrom / Belt: Banana Republic (similar here) / Boots: Barney’s

How are you getting wild?! Let me know in the comments.

xo, Jenn

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