2-in-1: The Reversible Teddy Jacket

The teddy jacket has become a must-have item in everyone’s wardrobe now. During the cold winter months we long to be fashionable but also cozy. Teddy jackets bring a feeling equivalent to snuggling with a teddy bear (or anything soft and fluffy for that matter) so what’s not to love?!

With so many jacket styles out there and in so many colors how do you choose the right one? For me, I wanted a jacket that was warm and cozy but light enough to transition into spring with so instead of a long coat I opted for a bomber jacket. It’s shorter in length and more fitted throughout. But, I immediately fell for this jacket when I saw that it was reversible! How cool is it to find something you can wear more multiple ways? This jacket can be worn with either the black teddy faux fur on the outside or the daisy print lining on the outside. It’s like having 2 jackets in 1! This is definitely not your standard teddy jacket.

The Rx

With technically 2 jackets to style I needed a color that complimented both layers. The sage green color of this jumpsuit is soft and neutral with its grey-like tone. I’m a huge lover of jumpsuits, they are incredibly sexy and chic. If you’re not a fan of dresses I suggest trying it out. The only downside is having to strip down when going to the bathroom! This one is so adorable because it looks like overalls. Check out my other post to read about one of my favorite brands who make this jumpsuit. I chose a black lace top to wear under the jumpsuit. Lace is one of my go-to’s for layering because it’s light and leaves you room for added layers. That’s especially helpful now that we’re seeing warmer days. Now the thing left to decide is which side of this jacket should I wear tonight.

Jumpsuit: Flynn Skye (similar here and here)/Top: Free People (similar here)/Jacket: Flynn Skye

Now I’ll ask you, which side is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

xo, Jenn

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